Penn Temps

Penn Temps, LLC is our temporary staffing organization which assists the same clientele as our permanent placement company for both short and long term assignments. We offer our clients the opportunity to fill their temporary staffing needs with the most qualified candidates in the industry. We are kept constantly aware of our clients needs and pay top hourly wages, with many positions converted to permanent.

To get started as a new employee of Penn Temps, LLC you will need to:

  • Print and complete the W-4 and I-9 forms attached. Return the original, dated and signed forms along with two copies of ID (i.e., driver's license, birth certificate, social security, etc.). These items must be received before payroll can be processed so please give them your immediate attention.
  • Print the timesheet. Complete it accurately using decimal point numbers (i.e., .25, .50, .75) for partial hours. The individual that you report to must sign and authorize your hours worked as timesheets cannot be paid without proper authorization. Please fax your completed and signed timesheets to us weekly every Friday afternoon, or Saturday if working overtime.
  • We have direct deposit available or your paycheck can be mailed to your home address every two weeks. Penn Temps, LLC will make all appropriate payroll deductions as per federal and state regulations.

As an employee of Penn Temps, LLC we ask that you:

  • Dress appropriately and conduct yourself in a professional business manner.
  • Know the exact time and place of your assignment and be punctual.
  • Do not conduct personal business during work.
  • Treat the position as if you are a permanent employee.
  • Notify us and your immediate supervisor if you are late, ill, or absent for any reason.

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